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STATUS : August 23, 2013

All the posters are in the mail and orders have been fulfilled. The refund offer still stands, please let me know if you're unsatisfied with the poster when you get it. Posters are no longer on sale, as of Sunday August 25. It's time for new projects. Thanks very much for your support. —Sam Potts


This project would have been impossible without these resources:

Creating a Map Using QGis on School of Data : the start of it all : for the dataset of all the Tour de France cities
Natural Earth : for GIS datasets
Every Tour de France winner listed from Garin to Wiggins : The Guardian (UK)
Wikipedia : naturally
This incredible collection of every route map (plus photos of every winner)
Ian Dapot : for design consultation

I was over half-way through drawing the routes when I discovered this book on the Waterstone's site: Mapping Le Tour. Needless to say, it was indispensable for confirming the accuracy of the routes.